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Partner Retail Location FAQs

What are partner retail locations and which products do they carry?
Organic Lifestyle is partnering with independent, like minded, existing businesses who will carry a subset of products exclusively from Organic Lifestyle.  List of Partner Locations in Toronto.

Do I pay online or at partner retail stores?

We are partnering with these retail locations to offer you, the customer, multiple channels to get the products you need and when you want it. You can buy online and have items shipped or you can go to the partner locations to buy or pickup Organic Lifestyle products.
Is everything on the website available at partner locations?

No. We will specify availability at product level. In general, items listed as 'Organic Lifestyle Exclusive' will be available at partner locations. Furthermore, its upto each partner to carry what they feel is appropriate for their customer base - eg., Store 'A' might carry baby clothing and Store 'B' might keep it centered around Home Accessories. Check list.

Remember, if you are hesitating cause you cannot feel or touch the item, consider buying it online as you can always return it within 30 days if not satisfied. Return Policy.

I'm interested in buying a mattress - are there any pricing benefits to buying it online versus buying at the partner location?
No - Organic Lifestyle will maintain control over the supply of  its exclusive product line from production to delivery, so its the same pricing whether you buy online or go into a partner location. Organic Lifestyle will honour any applicable warranties / exchange / returns as long as the proper documentation is provided.
I live in Toronto - can I pickup my order instead of paying for shipping?
Yes - You have the option to pickup for paid items from select partner locations during the checkout process. We will contact you when your items are ready for pickup. This applies to items that are in-stock only.
What will happen to my unused store credit / gift certificates from Organic Lifestyle?

We want to clarify that any unused Organic Lifestyle issued store credit or gift certificates does not expire. If you'd like to go ahead and apply it towards a purchase, contact us with your gift certificate or store credit reference number.


Shop online and provide this information in the comments section during the checkout process.

Can I use my gift certificate / store credit at new retail locations?
Since Organic Lifestyle is carrying only a subset of its entire product line at each partner location, its best to contact us first.

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