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Benefits of Bamboo Towels

Organic Bamboo Towels

Bamboo Towel Colour Swatches

Made from natural blend of certified organic cotton and plantation grown bamboo.

Made in Japan. Low Impact dyes. Certifed by Oeko-Tex of Switzerland





When bamboo and organic cotton are spun together to make a yarn, their natural properties combine to make a superior fiber that has unique characteristics:

  • Highly absorbent, very breathable, and ultra-soft. This makes it both luxurious and practical as well.
  • Resistant to odour, mold, mildew, and bacteria even after numerous washings.
  • Hypo Allergenic
  • Easy care: it does not wrinkle and is machine washable in cool water. Fabric softeners are not needed or recommended.
  • Colourfast and beautifully accepts organic and natural dyes.
  • Environmentally responsible because pesticides and fungicides are not used in the growing of bamboo as is it is seldom eaten by insects or infected by pathogens.
  • Made from a sustainable resource: It takes only 3 years for bamboo to reach maturity at which time it can be harvested. The entire plant is never harvested and re-growth occurs with astonishing rapidity.

Bamboo Towel Colour Swatches

aragon agate swatch

aragon lichenLichen*

aragon almond pearl swatch Almond Pearl*

aragon rosa swatchRosa

* Popular colours we usually Stock

Additional colours are available upon special order. (Left to Right-Top Row-Almond Pearl, Almond Shell, Azurine, Blanca, Black Pearl, Burnt Toffee, Coconut Shell, Iris, Lichen, Bottom Row-Murano, Nightingale, Pale Bamboo, Pampas, Pink Topaz, Rosa, Silver Sage, Onyx, Agate

Please note that the above chart is to illustrate the range of colors available and is not colour-accurate.


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